Bake Along 2012 – Plaited Loaf

Bake Along 2012. The first attempt at this was a flop because a) I couldn’t work out the instructions (I should have just taken them literally) and b) I left it too long while putting my son to bed and it over-proved into a hideous flat mess. So I’m not posting those pictures (they’re too, too shaming) but I am admitting that this is my second attempt after watching a YouTube video of how to plait a challah loaf.

You can find the recipe here.


When plaiting, it’s important to have your bits of dough rolled out smoothly and let them rest a bit once rolled. When plaiting, keep it nice and tight without stretching them otherwise the whole thing ends up floppy and full of gaps (although the proving phase will remedy some of this).

Sadly it got a big crack in one side.IMG_5418

I think I could have avoided this if I’d let it rise a bit more and avoided the ovenspring.