Perfecting Scones – The Rubbing-In Variable: Crumbs v Flakes

So, it is often said that one must rub in the butter until it resembles breadcrumbs. Mary Berry is on Team Crumb, but every now and then I see someone advocating leaving big flakes in the mix. Two examples are Rosie Bakes It (a lovely cake-oriented blog) and here’s another on Team Flake.

Obviously, testing had to happen.

Here’s the crumby one and the flaky one pre-liquid.

And post-liquid (I went for 75ml mixes).

The crumb mix was a bit softer, but the flaky one felt wet in a different way. I let them both chill before baking and both puffed up fairly well.

Here they are post-bake.

L-R Crumby, Flaky

On balance, I think the crumb method was preferable. The flaky ones were fluffier, I guess, but sort of bouncy, while the crumb ones were crumblier, more friable. I think this one is a matter of taste, though.