Bake Along 2012 – Rum Babas

First post, so I’m going to go back through my baking photos and upload some things from 2011/12. Most of them were taken as I baked my way through the technical challenges for the Great British Bake Off 2011 and 2012. Why? Because I suggested I might want to try out for the show, and I my husband unwittingly commented that it might be a bit ‘out of your league’. I promptly set out to prove him wrong by baking all the challenges. He hasn’t complained, and he’s eaten a lot of cake as a result. And I think he’s now convinced he was wrong, but I’ll still bake along with 2013. Until it’s back on though, I might just bake some things I want to eat!

First thing I made for Great British Bake Along 2012: Rum Babas. The recipe is here.

They weren’t too difficult and they tasted absolutely delicious!

They’re quite delicate once drenched in rum.