Pastries in Paris…

Well, the thrilling trip to Paris was lovely, but not as pastry-filled as hoped. My littlest boy was unwell, so we were up most of the night with him, and started the day late both days. However, I did manage to visit Pierre Herme twice. First, just for macarons. I went with some friends, one of whose little girls told me she didn’t like macarons! On questioning, it turned out she’d only ever had one and it was… a sugar-free macaron! Hideous thought. I told her then she really hadn’t ever had a macaron, and when we made it to Pierre, she was in awe at how beautiful it all was. She wolfed down her Mogador, and declared herself in love!

Next day, we managed a visit to his patisserie, and all five of us chose one (littlest boy was asleep and not included). I had the Surprise Montebello and it was a delight. Crisp shell, gloriously velvety filling, tart raspberry. Heaven.

Other choices were the Tarte Infiniment Vanille (apparently delicious), giant macaron (perfect for children), and Plaisir Sucre.

It was a joy. It looked like it was fall horribly to pieces once touched, but actually the chocolate so was so perfectly crisp, the mousse so firm but creamy, the dacquoise so marvellous, that it all sliced perfectly and melted together in the mouth in a way I just can’t describe. Littlest boy woke briefly from his sickly slumber, scoffed a chocolate macaron (the only thing he’d eaten in days) and went back to sleep. It is clearly genetic.